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Top 5 high ROI DIY condo renovation ideas that cost less than $500 to do.

Ready make a big impact with a little budget?

5 diy budget friendly condo renovations

Here at the Vermont Condo Pros we are often asked for suggestions on low-budget do-it-yourself renovations that you can easily do to your condo or townhome. Well, we've decided to curate a list of some of our favorite ideas that we've seen clients do in the past. To make this post as helpful as possible, we scoured the web and found videos of people showing you exactly how to do many of these high Roi low budget renovations. Also, even though this post is mainly focused on condos and townhomes, many of these tips and tricks can be used on traditional homes and other types of properties. So let's jump right in and take a look at some of our Top 5 high ROI DIY condo renovation ideas that cost less than $500 to do. 

1. A cosmetic makeover for your bathroom for under $500 

In this video, Bronte shows us a really cool way to renovate your bathroom for under 300 bucks. Now we believe this will cost closer to $500 to do factoring and inflation that's occurred since this video was made, but overall the concept works and is an easy way to add upside to your property for very little money. We especially love what she does with the floors in this bathroom! Who knew such a small change could have such a big impact?

2. A quick and budget-effective way to transform your condo’s kitchen!

In this video Jade does a truly fantastic transformation over the kitchen for less than 500 bucks. Wanna have your mind blown? Just fast forward to the end and see the difference this simple renovation has on the property. Now imagine what this can do for your own place. We love this video so much that we often share it with condo owners who are getting ready to sell their condo and in desperate need of some quick updates to make it more market ready.

3. A really cool way to transform a small bedroom for under $500. 

In this video, We see a really cool, cost-effective way to renovate a bedroom on a budget. We especially like the easy cost effective way of handling the popcorn ceilings which we often see in condos that were built in Vermont in the 70s 80s and even early 90s.

4. A sweet idea for updating those old, outdated doors on a budget. 

In this video, we see a really cool way to update those old hollow core doors that can make properties look super dated. Depending on how many doors you need to do, you can probably do this for well under $500. Check it out and let us know what you think

5. Add a luxury feel by adding built-ins. 

A really important feature that we see a lot of condo owners overlook and a lot of condo buyers look for is an additional little piece of character that makes your condo stand out from all the other condos or Townhomes in your complex. a really cool easy way that's also cost-effective to add that luxury feel to your property is to do it by adding built-ins in the right locations. in this video Molly shows us Built-ins on a budget.


Thanks for checking out this post we hope you find it helpful and give you some budget-friendly ideas on how you can increase the value of your condo or townhome or even your traditional signal family home on a budget. let us know in the comments if you have any other good ideas that we should share. 




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