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What will happen to condo prices if Smuggs and Stowe become connected by a Gondola?

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In this article, I'm not going to get into which mountain is better or why this could be good or bad for be honest, I'm biased towards Smuggs because this is where me and my family ski and we love this mountain, we love that it's not overcrowded and that there's a nice local feel to it... heck, even the picture on the front page of this website is a picture of my son Max who's on the Smuggs Free Ski Team. But instead, in this article, we're going to look at how potential condominium values could be impacted if these two mountains were to combine into one giant resort in the future.

Poor marketing will cost you money. Use these core 4 marketing pieces to get the most when selling your condo.

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If you're considering selling your condo or townhome in Vermont or anywhere in the world you need to make sure that these Four essential marketing pieces are being used to market your property. In the following sections, Im going to break down how these marketing pieces can be used to not only enhance the perceived value of your property but also create a sense of urgency amongst buyers looking at your property.  Whether you're selling with a Realtor or you're selling your condo by owner, missing any of these marketing pieces means you will be leaving money on the table

Big Investment in Beta Technologies Bolsters Vermont Condo Market

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What’s the impact of Beta’s growth on the Vermont condo market?

Excluding those looking to joining Beta in St. Albans or Plattsburgh, NY, the main core of their workforce near Burlington International Airport, would have the most impact on the markets of Burlington, South Burlington, Essex, Essex Junction, Colchester, Winooski and Williston. As Beta has been adding employees over the last three to four years, we have certainly seen an impressive rise in the median sale price of condos and townhomes in those areas over that same time frame

Essex vs Essex Junction. Learn how the recent split will impact local condo and home owners.

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Even with the hike, residents of both towns are still happy:)

Even though Essex is facing a larger tax hike, residents in both areas seem to be happy with the decision and look forward to the simplicity of individual governments. Have you been affected by this municipal split and the corresponding tax increases? If you are considering buying a condo or townhome in Essex, does this information change your thoughts about where to target your property search? Let us know in the comments below, we would love to hear what you think about this!

Why Picket Fence Preview's loss to Zillow will make it harder to avoid commissions when selling your Vermont Condo By Owner.

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What is Picket Fence Preview and how/why did they try to stop Zillow's FSBO lead routing?

Picket Fence Preview is a website and magazine dedicated to listing Vermont for sale by owners. They offer customers the ability to list there property on their website and magazine for a small fee. They also market/brand the concept that all leads/calls will be directly routed to them allowing you to find a unrepresented buyer and thus avoid all the broker fees! Unfortunantly most owners need more exposure than just Picket Fence so they end up posting their property on Zillow which messes up the whole leads routed directly to you thing. So, Picket Fence decided to sue ZIllow to stop their lead routing practices. 

Condo Prices Skyrocket as Climate Change and Zoom Buyers Migrate to Vermont

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With the advent of the Zoom meeting and other video conferencing, many workers who were forced to work from home during the pandemic discovered that they could be just as effective at their job no matter where they were in the world, as long as they had access to a good internet connection.  The arrival of StarLink, in conjunction with Vermont’s inventory of amazing homes in areas that are off-the-beaten-path, additionally opened up many more housing opportunities to the migrating work-from-home crowd of buyers.  Many employers realized the economic benefits of giving some staff the option of working from home permanently and, not surprisingly, many workers jumped at the chance.  

Five reasons that you will love this Colchester Vermont Townhome.

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Here are our top five reasons why you'll love our new Village Walk townhome listing in Colchester Vermont. 

Be sure to also check out custom site we made for this property by visiting or call us to set up a showing at 802-242-8898

Pro tips for buying a condo in Vermont's current seller's market.

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What Is A Sellers Market?

A real estate seller's market is a time when there are more people looking to buy property than those selling their homes. This causes prices of houses and apartments in the area to increase dramatically, which has led many Vermont residents feeling like they'll never be able to afford an upgrade or move-down [...]

First-time vs. Repeat Buyers in 2020: Random Real Estate Stats Of The Day

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First-time vs. Repeat Buyers: 

Homebuyer statistics show that first time buyers make up 31% of the population, and they tend to be younger (median age 33) than repeat home buyers who are generally older 55 years old on average. The typical house purchased by a new buyer is around 1,900 square feet with three bedrooms and two bathrooms built [...]

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