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Josh's House Vermont

At the Vermont Condo Pros we believe in giving back to local charities that significantly impact our community. That's why we donate to Josh's house every time we help someone buy or sell a property.

About Josh's House.

Josh's house is a wellness and recreation center for Vermont’s service members. Funded via The Josh Pallotta Fund, Josh's House seeks to combine local and national resources, emergency services, and research to provide Veterans the resiliency, transition and reintegration tools to help them sustain or return to full and healthy lives.

How the fund was started.

Watch this video to learn how and why the fund was started.


The Mission.

At Josh’s House they believe that one suicide a day is too many, that Post Traumatic Stress isn’t a limiting factor, and that we are all strongest when we come together. They strive to provide valuable help to our Veterans, their families and their community.

How To Support.

Even if you don't buy or sell a property with us you can still support this great cause through donations, meal trains and help with events. Use this link to learn more about how you can make a big difference for Vermont service members.

Click Here To Support Josh's House



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